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This page lists Andrew's exposure in local and international media (both printed matter & TV) either in relation to his composing or for his involvement in the contaminated blood and blood products campaign. The sections found below have recently been reordered so that more recent content will appear at the top of this page. 

Todmorden NewsWorld premiere of Andrew March's 'Sanguis Venenatus' (link)23 Mar 2010
CLÁSICA Y SIDA (Spain)El caso Andrew March (link).  Translation: (link)29 June 2010
The Word MagazineAndrew mentioned in an interview with William D. Drake. Article: 'How Composers Compose'. (link).  June 2011

Guardian"Now 33, Mr March is a composer, living in London." (link)11 July 2007
Daily MailMinisters accused of cover-up over... (link)20 Feb. 2009
GuardianRe. Judicial Review: A classical music composer...(link)16 April 2010
BBC NewsA composer who contracted HIV and hepatitis C...  (link)16 April 2010
Times OnlineComposer who contracted HIV wins legal challenge  (link)16 April 2010
Belfast Telegr.An award-winning composer who contracted HIV...  (link)
16 April 2010
Daily TelegraphComposer wins HIV blood case (link)17 April 2010
Coventry Eve.
A Nuneaton-born composer... (link)17 April 2010
Composer wins contaminated blood... challange (link)
16 April 2010
BMJUK ministers must reconsider decision... (link) 19 April 2010
Private Eye    Andrew March (pictured) Re: Judicial Review (link)   
30 April 2010

GMTVAndrew March studio interview (link)
18 April 2007
GMTVAndrew March talks to John Stapleton (link)
18 April 2007
ITN ArchiveAndrew March ITN interview (link)
18 April 2007
Sky NewsAndrew interviewed remotely outside Inquiry    
18 April 2007
BBC NewsnightStudio interview with Jeremy Paxman  (link
24 February 2009
BBC NewsnightStudio interview with Gavin Esler (link)21 May 2009
BBC NewsnightvCJD risk / footage from BBC Proms (link)16 April 2010
CampaignTBHaemophiliac wins compensation case (link)16 April 2010
BBC NewsnightJudical Review Outcome  (link)16 April 2010
ITN NewsHaemophiliac wins compensation case...(link)
16 April 2010

BBC 2   Ashkenazy interview / Andrew March Prom 63 interview Sept. 1998
YouTube   EUYO/Ashkenazy 
Full video of "Marine"  Prom 63
Sept. 1998

Sunday TimesFeatureOctober 1997
Composer NewsAnnouncementsWinter 1997/1998
Sponsorship NewsCouttsFebruary 1998
Sponsorship NewsRobin Liston on CouttsFebruary 1998
Evening StandardDiary - Coutts9 February 1998
Sunday TimesFeature14 February 1998
The Financial TimesFeature14 February 1998
Independent on SundayFeature / Coutts15 February 1998
The Financial TimesNews Announcements / Coutts23 February 1998
Global Private BankingCoutts23 February 1998
The Daily TelegraphDiary - Masterprize / Coutts24 February 1998
CityviewMusicians CompanyMarch 1998
The Hollis Sponsorship
CouttsMarch 1998
BBC Music MagazineMasterprize CompetitionMarch 1998
Time OutFeature4 March 1998
Evening StandardCD Choice5 March 1998
The Financial TimesFeature6 March 1998
The Sunday TelegraphFeature15 March 1998
PR WeekFeature / Coutts20 March 1998
SpectatorFeature28 March 1998
The ObserverPreview29 March 1998
Music Copyright Matters  FeatureApril 1998
BA Business LifeFeatureApril 1998
Classical MusicPreview / AdvertisingApril 1998
BBC Music MagazineFeature on winnerApril 1998
Time OutFeature1 April 1998
The GuardianFeature3 April 1998
The ObserverPreview5 April 1998
The Sunday TimesFeature5 April 1998
The GuardianPreview6 April 1998
The GuardianLetter to Editor7 April 1998
The GuardianFeature7 April 1998
The Daily TelegraphFeature7 April 1998
The ScotsmanFeature7 April 1998
Bell TVComposer Feature
(Barbican Presentation)
7 April 1998
BBC News EUROPEBritish composer wins Masterprize (link) 7 April 1998

The Daily TelegraphNews Announcement8 April 1998
The TimesNews Announcement8 April 1998
BBC Breakfast Show Radio 3Interview (Andrew March)8 April 1998
AP RadioInterview winner /JM8 April 1998
BBC World ServiceInterview winner /JM8 April 1998
BBC Business Breakfast TVInterview John McLaren
(set up but did not run)
8 April 1998
CNNFilmed concert, awards and interview
with Daniel Harding, Andrew March,
John McLaren and Ashkenazy
8 April 1998
(plus repeats)
The GuardianReview9 April 1998
The TimesReview9 April 1998
The IndependentReview (link)9 April 1998
The TimesReview10 April 1998
Bloomberg TVNews piece - Coutts / JM10 April 1998
TelegraphReview (link)11 April 1998
The ObserverReview12 April 1998
The Sunday TimesColumn12 April 1998
The Independent on SundayReview12 April 1998
The Sunday TimesReview12 April 1998
ABSA BulletinFeatureMay 1998
Gramophone MagazineReview EMI Debut CDZ5728262 (link) Feb 1999
The TimesFeature - Final, 3rd Masterprize  (link) 1 Nov 2003

Australian Press AssociationReview7 April 1998
The AustralianReview9 April 1998
Music Information Centre Bulletin  FeatureApril 1998
Beijing Music WeeklyAnnouncementApril 1998
Czech Radio MagazineNews Item7 February 1998
Czech Radio MagazineFeature on voting
March 1998
Czech Radio MagazineNews of winner27 February 1998
National PaperFeature Masterprize /
Radio broadcasts
March 1998
DiapasonFeatureMarch 1998
Classical MagazineNews item on winner28 April 1998 
Press AssociationReview7 April 1998
Der SpiegelFeature (link to PDF)10 April 1998
Deutschland FunkFeature13 April 1998
Suddeutsche ZeitungFeature/Review14 April 1998
Rheinisher MerkurFeature24 April 1998
Il Giornale della MusicaVoting formMarch 1998
Press AssociationReview7 April 1998
Moscow TrudNews articleApril 1998
PravdaNews articleApril 1998
Weekend Davisen DenmarkReviewApril 1998
Classica MagazineFeature /Voting formMarch 1998
Doer - National NewspaperFeature/Radio Broadcasts  March 1998
Welt WocheFeature/ReviewApril 1998
Boston GlobeFeatureOctober 1997
USA TodayNews item10 April 1998
Time MagazineFeature (link)20 April 1998
The New York TimesNews item (link)9 April 1998
Los Angeles TimesFeature (link)7 April 1998
Chicago TribuneArticle (link)7 April 1998

Heartland Evening NewsFeature - Andrew March28 January 1998
Coventry Evening TelegraphFeature - Andrew March30 January 1998
Heartland Evening NewsFeature - Andrew March1 April 1998
Cardiff Western MailListing / Coutts7 April 1998
Cardiff Western MailNews / Announcement7 April 1998
Nuneaton Evening TelegraphFeature - Andrew March8 April 1998
Coventry Evening TelegraphNews / Feature - A. March  8 April 1998
Birmingham Evening MailNews Announcement8 April 1998
Manchester Evening MailNews Announcement9 April 1998
Evening Leader (Flintshire)News Announcement9 April 1998
Aberdeen Press & JournalNews Announcement9 April 1998
Burton Daily MailNews Announcement9 April 1998
Swindon Evening StandardNews Announcement9 April 1998
Nuneaton Evening TelegraphNews / Feature - A. March 9 April 1998
Birmingham Post (link)News / Feature - A. March9 April 1998
Bath ChronicleNews Announcement9 April 1998
Swindon Evening AdvertiserNews Announcement9 April 1998
Wolverhampton Express & StarNews Announcement9 April 1998
Dudley Express & StarNews Announcement9 April 1998
Heartland Evening NewsNews / Feature - A. March9 April 1998
Surrey MirrorNews Announcement16 April 1998
Highbury & Islington ExpressNews Announcement
Feature - Andrew March
17 April 1998

Further links will be added in the future. Most of these articles were retained in hard copy format (as cuttings) and need to be scanned in to make PDFs.