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Two Pieces (2017) for Bass Clarinet Duo (2017) has been released by ALEA Publishing and Recording.  The two pieces, A Cross-Breeze Surges and Tumult of Amber and Rain are written in a complex contemporary idiom for two extended-range bass clarinets.

The composition of the Third Movement of the Piano Concerto is now under way. The First and Second movements are now fully completed, including the orchestration, typesetting and proofreading.

The composition of the Second Movement of the Piano Concerto is now fully completed, and the piece has been orchestrated and typeset. It is currently being proof-read.

The Country of Columbia has been added to the Radio Broadcast list after Amoration was played for the first time in Medellín, on ITM Radio on Sunday 24th September 2017.

Piano Concerto (July 2013-2017)  

First Movement: is now fully typeset and proof-read. The duration is just over 16 minutes (reduced from 23 minutes);

Second Movement: This was the first to be completely written up in neat by hand, however, it is currently being re-written. When I started to typeset the piece, I got a bit of a shock, as there was too much of a differential between what I thought I had written, and what I had actually written!  (beyond the usual allowances one needs to make for Sibelius!) The original duration was c. 17 minutes, which is way too long.

Third Movement: This is still in the handwritten sketching stages - although the sketches are orchestrated. I might supplement the sketches with some of the material that was extricated from the other two movements, but this may not work, and it's kind-of lazy. I expect this movement to be the shortest, perhaps it should be marked Scherzando?!  Or one could always inflict a Sonata Rondo on the world!?

Two Pieces for Bass Clarinet Duo:

     I:  A Cross-Breeze Surges       (Duration circa 5:52)
    II:  Tumult of Amber and Rain   (Duration circa 3:18)

The pieces are written for extended-range instruments and explore contemporary techniques.

Dragonfly (2001/2017) for Clarinet, Bass Clarinet and Piano is a reworking of the trio originally written for Flute, Viola and Harp, which was published in 2016.  The piece has now been published by ALEA Publishing.

Your Mercy, O Lord (2017) for SSAA + piano has been published by Alliance Publications, Inc. (API) in Wisconsin USA and is now available.

Your Mercy, O Lord (2016) for SSAA + piano is to be published soon by Alliance Publications, Inc. (API) in Wisconsin USA. This release is part of a batch of 6 choral pieces which were signed back in 2016.

Seven Pieces for Bass Clarinet and Piano (2017)

The Summer of 2016 and first couple months of 2017 has seen a special project to compose pieces for bass clarinet and piano. This has resulted in a set of seven varied pieces, with a combined duration of just under 33 minutes.
The Seven Pieces are published as a volume by ALEA Publishing and Recording.  The pieces are as follows:


      Full Moon Eclipse
      Chalumeau Reverie                           (4:27)
      Earthshine Under Cloud's Veil             (5:17)
      And the Sun Shall Stand Still                (4:04)
      Strawberry Moon Solstice                    (3:38)
      Winter Moon on Westward Course      (5:17)
     Moonrise at Perigee                           (6:15)

Moonrise at Perigee (2017) a new work for bass clarinet and piano, written as part of a set of seven pieces to be published by ALEA Publishing and Recording at some point during 2017. The piece has a duration of c. 6'15.

A selection of Andrew's recordings and audio can now be heard on Soundcloud.

Nightwind (2016), a contemporary work for a trio of Flute, Violin and Cello with a duration circa 5 minutes. The piece is inspired by the atmospheric poem of the same name by Northamptonshire poet, John Clare (1793-1864).

Alliance Publications, Inc. (API) in Wisconsin USA, have indicated that they are to publish 6 of Andrew's choral pieces.  The works are as follows:

   Nunc Dimittis (2004, revised 2016) SATB div.
   Thou Art Worthy (2004, revised 2015), SATB div.
   Your Mercy, O Lord (2016), SSAA / pno  
   Ave Regina Coelorum
(2004, revised 2016) SATB non div.
   Ante Faciem Dei  (2015) SATB div.
   Spera in Domino (2012) SATB non div.

Spring Tide Arabesque (2016) for two Bass Clarinets is now published by ALEA Publishing and Recording.  The duo (Catalogue No. ALEA1166) has a duration of c. 5 minutes and is priced at USD $16.

Spring Tide Arabesque (2016) for two Bass Clarinets is to be published by ALEA Publishing and Recording.  The duo has a duration of circa 5 minutes.

Seven Pieces for Bass Clarinet and Piano

The Summer of 2016 (and early 2017) has seen a special project to compose pieces for bass clarinet and piano. This has resulted in a set of 7 varied pieces, as follows:

      Full Moon Eclipse                               (3:56)                     
      Chalumeau Reverie                           (4:27)
      Earthshine Under Cloud's Veil             (5:17)
      And the Sun Shall Stand Still                (4:04)
      Strawberry Moon Solstice                    (3:38)
      Winter Moon on Westward Course      (5:17)
     Moonrise at Perigee                                (6:15)

Laudate Dominum
(2015), a setting of Psalm 117 for SATB, a cappella choir, has been released by Swirly Music, USA. Duration: c. 3 minutes.

"Sanguis Venenatus" has been accepted by Pandora and the Music Genome Project.

Dragonfly (2001; 2016) for flute, viola and harp, has been published by ALEA Publishing and Recording. Duration of ca. 5:30 minutes. Catalogue number: #ALEA1154. There is a computer rendering of the piece which can be heard on Soundcloud.

Classic FM (UK) have broadcast Amoration, for piano and strings, on Sunday, 8th May 2016. Bill Turnbull introduced the piece on his morning programme. This airplay marks Andrew's début on Classic FM, as well as the first terrestrial broadcast of the piece.

Nymphéas for Clarinet Choir (1995; 2016)
A reworking of Nymphéas for Clarinet Choir of 9 players has been published by ALEA Publishing and Recording.

Amoration (2016) for Piano and Strings

Physical CD (Single):
Update 18th October 2016: It appears that the physical CD single is now unavailable in the UK and Europe. However, the physical CD single is still available from CD Baby (USA) as an import for $7.97 (excluding shipping and any customs charge).  Please note that it is a CD single containing only one track with a duration of 7 minutes 22 seconds.

Spiritus (2004) is now available with Swirly Music, USA.

Amoration (2016) has been released as single digital download. The 7'21" piece for piano and strings is currently only available from CD Baby, but will soon be listed with other digital vendors. You can hear the full piece (free of charge) by following the above link. The physical CD single should be available from the second week of April.

On Sunday, 28th February 2016, Alea Publishing and Recording, Washington, USA, released Equipoise (2005) for Bass Clarinet and Piano.  The piece has a duration of 7 minutes and costs $25 which includes 2 copies of the spiral bound main duo score (17 pages) and a designated Bass Clarinet part (16 pages loose leaf).

Amoration (2016) for Piano and Strings has been successfully recorded with 40 strings from the Macedonian National Radio Symphonic Orchestra at the MRTV studio in Skopje, Macedonia.  The piece was recorded as part of the F.A.M.E.'S project.

New Choral Piece:

Your Mercy, O Lord
(2016) for SSAA voices with independent piano accompaniment. Text adaptation by Andrew March from various scripture sources.

Sanguis Venenatus has received it's first broadcast in the United Kingdom which was on BBC Radio 3 on Thursday, 8th October 2015 in the Late Junction programme. Playlist

Laudate Dominum (2015)  A setting of Psalm 116 (117) for strict SATB. Duration c. 3 minutes.

Psalm 22 (23)  (2015)  A challenging setting in Latin of the profound and well-known Psalm 23 for five-part, SSATB voices. Duration c. 7 minutes.

Your Eyes Fall Upon Us (2015)  An SATB anthem for remembrance. Duration 4'40". The text is an adaptation by Sue Threakall using the following scripture references: Psalm 90: 2-5, 9, 17; Psalm 34: 15; Psalm 65: 5; Psalm 126: 4; Jeremiah 31: 9 and Ecclesiastes 12: 7.

Update: 10 October 2014

As of 8th October 2014, there have been 27 international broadcasts of various works within 2014. Much of the airplay relates to Sanguis Venenatus - elegy for strings - written in memory of haemophiliacs who have died as a result of contaminated blood. The countries include South Africa, Sweden, Hungary, USA, and Estonia.  See Radio Broadcasts.

Update: 19 September 2014

Marian Antiphon No.3, an A Cappella setting of Regina Coeli for SSAATTBB voices has been published by Colla Voce Music Inc.

Update: 19 June 2014

Marian Antiphon No.3 (Regina Caeli)
is to be published by Colla Voce Music at some point during 2014.

Update: 02 June 2014

How Long, O Lord? an A Cappella setting of Psalm 13 for SATB voices, has been released by US publisher, Colla Voce Music Inc. The octavo, priced $1.75, is available directly from the publisher in the USA.  Click here for the order form (PDF). 

For orders to the United Kingdom, copies can also be purchased from J.W.Pepper 

Update: 26 January 2014

US publisher, Colla Voce Music Inc, are to publish Psalm 13, How Long O Lord? in June 2014. 

Update: January 2014

Title ID:   2207722
UPC:       887936723490
Cat:        ATO573201
Duration: 66 Minutes
List Price: $13.99 (reduced from $19.99)
Available: Amazon.com (import from USA)

An album of 14 pieces for solo piano, performed by the composer, was released 29th January 2014. The album is only available through Amazon.com.  For more information click here.  Visit Biography for Piano Album.

Update: November 2013

Klassikaraadio, Estonia's main classical station, played Three Pieces for Solo Cello  (along with all the other pieces on the Moto Perpetuo album) between 11.05 am and 12:15 pm on 11th November 2013. (PDF)   (timings)

Update: October 2013

Three Pieces for Solo Cello were successfully premièred by Ovidiu Marinscu at Weill Recital Hall, Carnegie, on Tuesday 15th October 2013.  The image shows Andrew introducing his pieces to the Carnegie audience.

Update: September 2013

Klassikaraadio, Estonia, has broadcast Sanguis Venenatus (and all the other works on the CD). The broadcast took place earlier this year and has only recently been reported.  Estonia is now the sixth country to have broadcast the elegy following radio play in South Africa, the USA, Sweden, Catalonia Spain and Northern Cyprus.

Update: 02 July 2013

Paraclete Press have released De Profundis. There is also an excellent audio clip of the first minute or so of the psalm.  MP3 Extract

Update: May 2013

The Parma Artists' concert has been confirmed for Tuesday, 15th October 2013 at 8pm in Carnegie Hall, New York. Andrew's Three Pieces for Solo Cello are to be performed in the recital by Romanian-born cellist, Ovidiu Marinescu.    (Carnegie Calendar)

Update: 27 March 2013

The album "Moto Perpetuo - Moving Works for Cello" has been released.

Update: 09 Jan 2013

The publication of De Profundis has been postponed to June 2013. The psalm was originally scheduled for release with Paraclete Press in January 2013.

'The Night is For Stillness' (for cello solo) is to be performed by Romanian-born cellist, Ovidiu Marinescu, in a recital in Helena, Montana, USA, on 11th Janaury 2013. The piece is the first in the set of three that were recorded for the CD Moto Perpetuo and is due to be released by PARMA Recordings (with distribution by Naxos) towards the end of March 2013.

For recent information on the feedback being received in relation to Sanguis Venenatus, and the Dimensions CD click here.

'Sanguis Venenatus' (Tainted Blood) received its first radio broadcast on WPRB 103.3 fm Princeton, New Jersey. WPRB's broadcast range reaches from the outskirts of New York, NY to Philadelphia, PA.      See Radio Broadcasts.

The Chamber Choir of Southern Iceland (Kammerkór Suðurlands) performed Be Still and Know on two occasions in April 2012.          See Performances.


Update: 10 Nov 2012:

The cello album MOTO PERPETUO, with Romanian-born cellist, Ovidiu Marinescu, is due to be released circa 26 March 2013. 

The pieces to be included on this cello album are:
    The Night is for Stillness            6:00
    Moto Perpetuo                         2:40
    To reflect in a Quiet Spot          10:20

Update: 10 Oct 2012:
Parma Recordings has released Sanguis Venenatus (the Elegy for Strings which translates as 'Tainted Blood'. The piece was beautifully recorded with the strings of the Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra).

The Elegy for Strings can be found on the new album by the name of "Dimensions" (Navona Label) on 13th November 2012 and is to be distributed by Naxos.

Purchase CD from Amazon.com           Purchase CD from Amazon.co.uk

Update: August 2012: 
The recording of the 3 pieces for solo cello took place in the USA over 19-20th August 2012. These rather fine recordings were made in the Rose Recital Hall on the campus of the University of Philadelphia, PA. The session producer was Andy Happel and the session engineer was Eugene Lew.

Update: May 2012:

The recording of the 3 solo cello pieces in the USA with Navona Records has been delayed, but is expected to take place in July 2012.

The recording of Sanguis Venenatus with the strings of the Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra on the Navona label has now been edited and mastered, and the CD artwork is currently being prepared for the album which will be called "Dimensions". This album will also feature other composer's works for string orchestra.

Update: Feb 2012:
Paraclete Press (USA) have recently indicated that they wish to publish De Profundis. The contracts have now been signed.

The RSCM (Royal School of Church Music) have released a new publication (02.12.11) entitled: "The Light of God's Glory - The Epiphany Procession". The book includes a setting of Andrew's choral collect: "Creator of the Heavens". Click here to see the RSCM webpage.

A video of BBC Prom 63 in 1998 is now on YouTube. The massive 150-piece orchestra, the EUYO, perform Marine - à travers les arbres to a full Royal Albert Hall on the last day of their European tour under Maestro Azhkenazy. (Watch the video here)

3 Pieces for Solo Cello (2011) - a set of solo pieces have been written for Romanian-born cellist, Ovidiu Marinescu. The project is in connection with American label: PARMA Recordings. The solo cello pieces are to be recorded in the USA in Spring 2012 (tbc).  The recording sessions will take place at West Chester, PA.

 The 19-minute set of pieces comprise:

     Moto Perpetuo (2011)                     (Duration c.  2:40)
     To Reflect in a Quiet Spot (2011)      (Duration c. 10:20)
     The Night is for Stillness (2011)        (Duration c.  6:00)

Sanguis Venenatus
was beautifully recorded on Saturday 9th July 2011 in Olomouc, Czech Republic. The strings of the Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra were conducted by Petr Vronsky for the sessions with PARMA Recordings.  The piece will be released on PARMA's Navona label sometime in early 2012 (tbc.)

Update: June 2011

How Long, O Lord? (2008) was given it's premiere on Sunday 26th June 2011 by the choir of the Parish Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Bedfont Green, Middlesex with their conductor, Cliff Watson.  Click here to read the text of How Long, O Lord?

Sanguis Venenatus (2009) to be recorded
Parma Recordings (USA) (link) are to record and release Andrew's Elegy for Strings "Sanguis Venenatus" (which translates as 'Tainted Blood').  The recording will take place in the Czech Republic with the strings of the Moravian Philharmonic in early July 2011.

Article in June 2011 edition of "The Word"
Andrew's working method discussed in an interview with William D. Drake in "The Word"

Nympheas for Two Pianos (2001) has been performed by Kazakhstani duo: NikaSveta (Svetlana & Veronika Aptekar-Ainagulova). The piece for 2 pianos is now listed on the duo's repertoire list. Click here to read the repertoire list, or PDF of list.

Update: March 2011

Sanguis Venenatus (2009) was performed on 30.03.2011 by the strings of the London Charity Orchestra at a service at Westminster Abbey to mark the enactment of the Chronically Sick and Disabled Persons' Act (1970). (Pictures now available at this link.)


De Profundis (2011)
A Latin setting of Psalm 130 in 6 parts; SAATBB, duration 3:30. 

Update: August 2010

Phoenix Trail (2010, revised 2017) for Violin and Piano.
Duration circa 9 minutes 15. This was originally a bespoke piece, however, it has since been significantly revised and is now much improved, slightly shorter and also bears a a fresh title.

Update: March 2010
World Premiere of Sanguis Venenatus

Todmorden News: "Andrew's moving elegy will nestlamong towering music" (Article released just prior to the concert on Saturday 20th March 2010)    

On 20th March, 2010, Elegy for Strings "Sanguis Venenatus" receive its world première by the Strings of the Todmorden Orchestra under conductor Nick Concannon Hodges at the Todmorden Town Hall, at 7:30pm.

The conductor, Nick Concannon Hodges said:

"...your piece was a great success and a lot of people said how beautiful it is and that they would like to hear it again. The orchestra played their best for you..."

Review of Sanguis Venenatus (Tainted Blood).

On 24th January 2010, the Sanctuary Choir of of the First Presbyterian Church, Fargo, North Dakota, USA, opened the Sunday service with Andrew March's choral collect The Baptism of Christ.  (Link)  This choral collect is one of the 6 Collects published by the RSCM.

Piano Transcription: Irish Reel (2009)

This piece was specially prepared for piano from the orchestral version that was premiered by TORSO in 2001.  Andrew was guest of honour at the Year 11 Prize Giving at Highfields School; Centre for the Performing Arts, Matlock on Thursday 24 September 2009 at which he premièred this technically challenging transcription.  The occassion was a huge success for everyone involved. 

6 Choral Collects have recently been published by the Royal School of Church Music in a volume of choral music for the Sunday Eucharist entitled Sunday by Sunday Collection II
                              Price: £55  (RSCM affiliate/member £41.25)

Regina Caeli CD   LAMM188D  -    released with Lammas Records

The Chapel Choir of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge.

Conductors: Daniel Soper and Rebecca Drake

Total playing time: 67m 35s

Read reviews of this CD. 

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