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Your Mercy, O Lord (2016)  (Published 2017)
An English setting for SSAA voices with pianoforte accompaniment on the theme of God's Holy Mercy.  Duration: c. 4:52.  This piece has now been published and released by Alliance Publishing Inc. USA.

Thou Art Worthy - (2004) (Published 2016) for SATB a cappella choir (divisi SSAATTBB). The text is an adaptation by the composer taken from Revelation 4:11, 5: 9b-10, and 5:13.  The duration is circa 4'10". This piece is now published by API.

Laudate Dominum (2015) 
A setting of Psalmus 116 for strict SATB. Duration c. 3 minutes 15 seconds.  This piece is now available with Swirly Music Inc.

Psalm 22 (23) (2015) 
A challenging setting in Latin of the profound and well-known Psalm 23 for five-part, SSATB voices. Duration c. 7 minutes.

Ante Faciem Dei (2015)  An a cappella, Latin setting of Psalm 41:2-4 for SATB (div. SSATBB). Duration c. 4 mins.  This piece has been signed to API and is queued to be released.

Your Eyes Fall Upon Us
An SATB anthem for remembrance. Duration 4'40". The text is an adaptation by Sue Threakall using the following scripture references: Psalm 90: 2-5, 9, 17; Psalm 34: 15; Psalm 65: 5; Psalm 126: 4; Jeremiah 31: 9 and Ecclesiastes 12: 7.

How Long, O Lord? (2008)
A setting of Psalm 13 for SATB A Cappella choir. Duration 3'15" to 3'45".  The text is an adaptation of Psalm 13 based on the version found in the Darby Bible of 1890 (other versions are also used).  How Long, O Lord? was published by Colla Voce Music, USA, on 02 June 2014.

Nunc Dimittis  - The Song of Simeon (2004) (Published 2016)
for SATB choir (divisi: SSAATTBB).  The text is the song of Simeon, taken from Luke 2.29-32. This canticle has now been published by API.  Duration: 3'10".

Dixit Iniustus (2012)   A Latin setting of Psalm 35 (Vulgate 36) for SSAATTBB choir. The duration is approximately 4 minutes.  This piece is the third in a set of pieces written for Michael Vian Clark.

Spera in Domino (2012)  A Latin setting of Psalm 36 for SATB in a plainsong idiom. This piece has been written especially for Michael Vian Clark, Director of Music at Buckfast Abbey. The duration is 3 minutes 40 seconds.  This psalm has been signed to API and is queued to be released.

De Profundis (2011)
SAATBB (6 parts) A Cappella Latin setting of Psalm 130. Duration circa 3:30. This psalm was published by Paraclete Press, USA in June 2013. Click here for an MP3 Extract of De Profundis recorded by the publisher.

And It Shall Be (2010)
SATB (divisi) A Cappella choral piece for Thanksiging (4th Week of November in the USA). Duration circa 6 minutes. Text adaptation by Andrew March and Melanie Schori.

May We Who Share His Table (2009)
version for SSA choir with pianoforte accompaniment. Choral Collect for Maundy Thursday and Holy Communion. Duration circa 3 minutes.

My Voice is Unto God  (2008)
for SATB choir with Organ accompaniment. Duration 5'45" to 6'00".  Text adapted from Psalm 77. see full text

Psalm 57  (2007)   
for SATB choir and piano accompaniment.  Duration 5'50".   Text adapted from Psalm 57. see full text

May We Who Share His Table (2006)
for SATB choir - A Cappella. Choral Collect for Maundy Thursday and Holy Communion. 

Marian Antiphon No.2  -  Ave Regina Coelorum  (2005)
for SATB choir (non divisi). A setting in Latin of the 2nd of the 4 Marian Antiphons; the Evening Vesper 'Ave Regina Coelorum'. Duration circa 4'30".  This piece has been signed to Alliance Publishing Inc. and is queued to be released. full text

Marian Antiphon No.3  -  Regina caeli  (2005)
for SSAATTBB choir, divisi in 8 parts (sempre), 2nd Bass: Basso Profondo
A Latin setting of the Evening Vesper 'Regina Caeli'.  Duration circa 4'00".  Marian Antiphon No.3 was published in the Summer of 2014 by US publisher, Colla Voce.

Magnificat (2004)
written for SATB choir (divisi SAATBB) Text taken from the Authorized version of the Bible, Luke 1:47-55.  Duration circa 4'50".   text

Spiritus (2004)
for SATB choir (non divisi).  A setting of St. John 3:8 in Latin. Duration circa 5'00".  This piece has now been released by Swirly Music Inctext

Phos Hilaron - a Song of the Light (2004)
for SATB choir (divisi SAATTBB).  A setting of the Ancient Christian hymn - Phos Hilaron.   Duration circa 3'00". full text

The Grace (2003)
SATB choir (non divisi), a short setting of the 'blessings' of Paul from 2 Corinthians 13:14, often spoken at the close of Christian church services.  Duration circa 1'15".    text

Be Still and Know  (2000)
for SATB (divisi) mixed voice choir.  Duration circa 4'10". Published 2004 by Walton Music Corporation.  Text adapted from Psalm 46 by Neil Shackleton.  full text  

O Sing Unto the Lord  (2000)
for SATB mixed choir. Duration 2-3 minutes.  Round song in 4 parts with text adapted by Neil Shackleton from Psalms 98, 148, & 149. A modular version of this work also exists.

6 choral collects have recently been published by the Royal School of Church Music in a volume of choral music for the Sunday Eucharist entitled Sunday by Sunday Collection II   Price: £55 (RSCM affiliate/member £41.25)  Please note that this volume contains 36 pieces by various composers and is also a photocopiable resource for holders of the CCLI licence.

The 6 sung collects are a selection taken from Andrew's 25 settings of Additional Collects with texts from Church House Publishing Common Worship: Additional Collects

The 6 collects by Andrew are as follows:

      Almighty God, you search us and know us  13th Sunday after Trinity
      Creator of the Heavens
      God of Glory
                                             4th Sunday before Advent
      Our lives are laid open
                               Ash Wednesday
      Sent by the Father
                                    Pentacost  -  (with organ)
The Baptism of Christ                                The Baptism of Christ

The published choral collects can be found at
St. James Music Press.

In the case of 'Be Still and Know', as it is a published piece, you can purchase copies from any of the selected internet sheet music dealers listed under ONLINE DEALERS.

At present there do not appear to be any UK sheet music dealers for the piece, and whilst all of the online dealers listed accept credit cards, none of them accept Switch.