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Piano Concerto (July 2013-2017)    Update (13th September 2017):

First Movement: is now fully typeset and proof-read. The duration is just over 16 minutes (reduced from 23 minutes);

Second Movement: The composition of this movement is now complete and has been orchestrated and typeset.  The new duration is 11:50 (reduced from 17 minutes).

Third Movement: This is still in the handwritten sketching stages - although the sketches are orchestrated. I might supplement the sketches with material which was extricated from the other two movements, but this may not work. I expect this movement to be the shortest, perhaps it should be marked Scherzando?!

Two Pieces for Bass Clarinet Duo (2017)

      I:  A Cross-Breeze Surges       (Duration circa 5:52)
     II: Tumult of Amber and Rain   (Duration circa 3:18)

The pieces are written for extended-range instruments and explore contemporary techniques.

Dragonfly (2001, 2017) for Clarinet, Bass Clarinet and Piano
This piece is a reworking of the version published in 2016 by ALEA for flute, viola and harp.  The piece has a duration of circa 5'30".

Seven Pieces (2017) for Bass Clarinet and Piano

This volume of seven pieces has been published by ALEA Publishing and Recording, and includes the piano Score of 81 pages, spiral bound, and a separate Bass Clarinet part of 31 pages, spiral bound, (with consideration given to page turns). The seven pieces have a combined duration of approximately 33 minutes.  Both score and part contain full programme notes giving further information about the pieces.  The set costs USD $30. Link to ALEA.

(2016) for trio of Flute, Violin and Cello. Duration circa 5 minutes.

Spring Tide Arabesque (2016) for two Bass Clarinets is to be published by ALEA Publishing and Recording.  The duo has a duration of circa 5 minutes.  This piece was published on 13th September 2016. Link to ALEA

Dragonfly (2016) for trio of Flute, Viola, and Harp. The piece has a duration of circa 5'30".  ALEA Publishing and Recording have indicated that they would like to publish this piece.  Update 1st May 2017: There is now a new version of this piece for trio of Clarinet, Bass Clarinet and Piano.

Nymphéas for Clarinet Ensemble (2016). Duration ca. 4 minutes. This is an arrangement of "Nymphéas" (1995) for an ensemble of 9 clarinets (Eb Cl, 3 Bb Cl, 2 Eb Alto Cl, 2 Bass Cl. & Contrabass Cl.)  This piece was published by Alea Publishing and Recording on 8th May 2016.

Your Mercy, O Lord (2016)  A setting in English on the theme of God's Mercy for SSAA voices with piano accompaniment. Duration: 4:52. Update: This piece has now been published by API.

Amoration (2016) for piano and strings.  Duration 6'50".

Laudate Dominum (2015)  A setting of Psalm 116 (117) for strict SATB. Duration c. 3 minutes.  This piece is now available with Swirly Music.

Psalm 22 (23)  (2015)  A challenging setting in Latin of the profound but well-known Psalm 23 for five-part, SSATB voices. Duration c. 7 minutes.

Ephemeral Nymphs (2015) for cello and piano. Duration c. 7'00".

Thou Art Worthy (2015)  An a cappella setting of Revelation 4:11;5:9b-10;5:13. This is a revision of the canticle A Song of Revelation (2004). Duration c. 4 mins.  This canticle has since been published with API.

Ante Faciem Dei (2015)  An a cappella, Latin setting of Psalm 41:2-4 for SATB (div. SSATBB). Duration c. 4 mins.

A new set of 4 short settings of Church House Publishing's "Additional Collects" have been completed. The choral collects are as follows:

God of Love (Mothering Sunday)
Your Glory is Proclaimed (All Saints' Day)
God our Refuge and Strength (Third Sunday before Advent)
God the Father, help us to hear (Christ the King, Sunday Next before Advent)

Your Eyes Fall Upon Us (2015) 
An SATB anthem for remembrance. Duration 4'40". The text is an adaptation by Sue Threakall using the following scripture references: Psalm 90: 2-5, 9, 17; Psalm 34: 15; Psalm 65: 5; Psalm 126: 4; Jeremiah 31: 9 and Ecclesiastes 12: 7.

Piano Concerto (July 2013-2017)

Update: Two of the three movements have been fully composed and orchestrated. The second movement has been written up in neat. The first movement is currently being written up. However, the third movement is still in the sketching stages.
Note: there is an update for October 2017 under News.

Cellular Automata Orchestral Suite (2009-13)

An orchestral suite in 5 movements, with a duration of circa 33 minutes. The piece is written entirely by hand - in ink - and has been conceived for large symphony orchestra (the suite is written for quadruple woodwind (with some added extras such as alto saxophone), quadruple brass, a plethora of percussion, 2 harps, celesta, and a minimum of 60 strings). The conductor score is in a large A2 portrait format. It was originally intended that this suite have 7 movements, so at some point Andrew may return to this work and add the remaining two.

This suite was inspired by the mathematical and computability phenomenon called Cellular Automata.

Gosper's Glider Gun
Duration:  5'09
The Infinite HotelDuration:  4'23
Cloverleaf - Period-4 OscillatorDuration:  7'29
Babbling BrookDuration:  6'30
Pond on PondDuration: 10'04

 Spera in Domino (2012) 

A Latin setting of Psalm 36 for SATB in a plainsong  idiom. This piece has been written especially for Michael Vian Clark, Director of Music at Buckfast Abbey. Duration 3:40.

Dixit Iniustus - Psalm 35 (2012) 

A Latin setting of Psalm 35 (Vulgate 36) for SSAATTBB choir. Duration: circa 4 minutes. This piece is the third in a group of Latin settings of psalms written especially for Michael Vian Clark.

 Dies Quoque (Dies Quoque Angustiae - Day of Narrow Anguish) (2012)

A new work for A cappella choir of mixed voices with an unusual voicing of: coloratura  solo, soprano I & II, alto I & II, a group of male altos, a group of female tenors (or contraltos), tenor I, tenor II, baritones, bass I & II, and a small group of bassi profondi. The text is a montage of select verses from Latin lyrics of Mediaeval period. This montage can be viewed here. The duration of this piece is circa 7'00" and will probably never be performed.

       Moto Perpetuo (2011)  

A perpetuum mobile for solo violoncello. Duration circa. 2:40.  This piece was written as part of a current project of a small set of pieces for solo cello. This is the first of the pieces written for Romanian-born cellist, Ovidiu Marinescu, after hearing his rather fine recordings of the Bach Cello Suites (available on the Navona label).

       To Reflect in a Quiet Spot (2011)

An expressive cello piece, circa 10:20 minutes, As with the piece above, this was written especially for Ovidiu Marinescu.  The title of this piece was inspired by the line "Sit in quiet spots and think" from the Penguin book: Mediaeval Latin Lyrics (p.191) Confessio by The Archpoet - with translation by Helen Waddell.

      The Night is for Stillness (2011)

This is the third (& probably final) work in this set of pieces for solo cello. As with the others, this piece has been written for Über-cellist, Ovidiu Marinescu as a direct response to hearing his recordings of the Bach cello suites. The title for this piece comes from the second line of a Night Prayer found in the New Zealand Prayerbook - a very special little prayer that was read out at the funeral of my late Uncle, the Reverend Christopher Hanson.  Duration of piece: c. 6:00.

De Profundis (2011)

An a cappella Latin setting of Psalm 130 for SAATBB. Duration circa 3:30. This piece was written for Michael Vian Clark.  Choral music publisher, Paraclete Press, published this piece in the USA in June 2013.  (MP3 Extract recorded by Paraclete Press)

Phoenix Trail (2010) (Revised 2017)

For violin and piano. Duration circa 9 minutes 15 seconds.  Work started on this piece on 17th July 2010. The piece was (much) revised in January 2017.

Sanguis Venenatus (2009)

Elegy for string orchestra ( or minimum forces of The piece requires at least 4 contrabasses.)  Duration circa 5 minutes 30". This piece is dedicated to the all haemophiliacs and others who have lost their lives due to contaminated blood and blood products.

George Eliot Song - 'Two Lovers' (2009) 

Song for baritone with pianoforte accompaniment.  The song is a setting of one of only 10 or so poems by George Eliot (Mary Anne Evans).  Follow the link to read the text of "Two Lovers" (c.1865).    Duration: 7 minutes  ...and yes, the poem is unbelievably turgid  - well, at least on first glance, but, somehow, it was the right one for the music.

Piano Transcription - Irish Reel
A transcription of the orchestral piece Irish Reel (2001) for solo pianoforte. This piece was transcribed and performed by the composer for the Year 11 Prize Giving at Highfields School - Centre for the Performing Arts in Matlock on 24th September 2009.  Duration circa 7'30. Click here to read the original programme note (Feb. 2001) from the premiere of the orchestral version with TORSO.

Birds of Prey String Quartet Cycle  (2009)

The cycle comprises 10 quartets written at the request of James King; who asked for 'something for string quartet'.  The writing of the quartets commenced in December 2008 and the actual sketching or initial composing was completed by April 2009.  The quartets have recently been written up in neat (in ink - and sadly, some tippex).  The cycle has a duration of circa 30 minutes.  These string quartets were originally termed a 'suite' by the composer.  However, following an interesting and insightful comment from Andrew's consultant doctor for haemophilia (Dr Bevan; who made reference to the set of 10 pieces as a 'cycle for string quartet' after taking an interest in the newly composed pieces), the work was permanently renamed.

The 10 quartets are as follows:
     1.     Peregrine Falcon  (Falco peregrinus)
     2.     Hen Harrier   (Circus cyaneus)
     3.     Merlin   (Falco columbarius)
     4.     Goshawk  (Accipiter gentilis)
     5.     Common Buzzard  (Buteo buteo)  
            [Elegy for an Unsuspecting Phalarope]
     6.    Kestrel   (Falco tinnunculus)
     7.     Osprey   (Pandion haliaetus)
     8.     Sparrowhawk  (Accipiter nisus)
     9.     Red Kite   (Milvus milvus)
     10.   Golden Eagle   (Aquila chrysaetos)


Pieces for Piano Solo (2006-8)   13 pieces for solo pianoforte. Duration circa 69 minutes.  An album of these pieces, As If To Sleep is due to be released at the end of January 2014.

Elegy for Strings (2006) Duration circa 4'00"

Equipoise (2005), a 7-minute 'test piece" for Bass Clarinet & Piano, was one of four pieces to receive an honourable mention in the World Bass Clarinet Convention 2005 Composition Competition (Netherlands). Please note that Equipoise is now published by ALEA Publishing and Recording.

5 Songs of Pindar (2003)   For Soprano solo, mixed Symphonic Choir and Full Orchestra.  Duration circa 25 minutes.   Read More

In Memoriam (2002) is a 5-minute ensemble piece for ¼-tone alto flute (Kingma System), marimba, vibraphone, harp and strings.  This work was selected by the reading panel of the Society for the Promotion of New Music for inclusion on the SPNM 2003-2006 shortlist.  Programme Note

Boy in Ice (2002)
Duration 4 minutes

Nymphéas for Two Pianos (2001)        
Duration 4 minutes. This short piece is a reworking of the ensemble piece originally for two pianos - especially written for brothers, Peter & Patrik Jablonski. The duo premièred the piece at Royal Palace Stockholm in the Autumn of 2002 and went on to offer a further 5 live performances in Scandinavia during that year. The piece has also been performed in Greece. Nympheas for Two Pianos is also on the permanent repertoire list of both the Jablonski brothers' duo and Duo NikaSveta.

Programme Note for Nymphéas

Alto Flute and Harp Book (2001)
Afl.(Kingma system)/Hp.

  Adagio Assonnato           6'47"
  Aeolian Rustling              4'03"
  XXIX - in perpetuum       5'00"
  Dragonfly                      5'05"
  Water lilies                    5'48"

  Total Duration               26:43

Be Still and Know - Psalm 46 (2001)
Duration 4 minutes 30, SATB (Mixed Choir), Published by Walton Choral (HL08501516).    Originally written for and dedicated to the Dona Nobis Pacem Chorale under David, H. Jones for performance at Ettington Village Church in September 2000.   World premiere, (revised version) Belfast Philharmonic Society, Conductor Marion Wood, Waterfront Hall, Belfast, June 2001.    

Adagio Assonnato (2000)   Duration 5:10.   Ens: Oboe, Harp, Strings (          Programme Note

A Stirring in the Heavenlies (2000)

Duration 16 minutes* (*Cut version... at the insistence of Richard Hickox. At just over 12 minutes, the piece was more of a "torso" than a "body".)
  Inst:  3(pic. afl.)3(ca),3(bcl)3(cbn)/4431/timp.3perc./cel.,hp./str.[16,14,12,10,8].
*"World première", London Symphony Orchestra, Barbican, Sunday 17th December 2000.
Review of 'A Stirring in the Heavenlies' by Programme NoteErica Jea
Review of 'A Stirring in the Heavenlies' by Jason Boyd (Classical Source.com)

Irish Reel (2000)
Duration 7 minutes 30
2(afl./pic.)ob.ca./2(bcl.)2/3(III.ossia in C)4.2.bstbn.1/timp./2perc./2hp(ossia single hp.)/str.[10,8,6,4,2]
World Premiere by TORSO
Conductor: Marion Wood,  St. Georges' Theatre, Islington, London on Sunday 6th May 2001.   Programme note for this concert http://www.torso.org.uk/concert_february_2001.htm
(Please note that as of 2009, a transcription for pianoforte solo now exists for Irish Reel)

Marine - à travers les arbres  (1997)
Duration 12 minutes
Publisher:   EMI Music Publishers Ltd
Hire this work from Chester Novello Music Hire Library

Easdale (1996)
Duration 16 minutes
Premiere Royal College of Music, RCMSO, conductor Edwin Roxburgh, 23rd January 1997.
Easdale won the Royal Philharmonic Society Prize in 1996 and a Constant and Kit Lambert Award from the Worshipful Company of Musicians. 

Music for Film Credits (1996)
Duration 2 minutes 10
First performed 19 June 1996, RCM Composers Ensemble, under Simon Bainbridge.

Nymphéas & 10 Little Pieces
Duration 8 minutes 40
First performed Royal College of Music, with Conductor Simon Bainbridge on 6th July 1995.  
8 of the 10 Little Pieces were first performed in 1997 under conductor Natalia Luis-Bassa

Nymphéas for ensemble of 8 is now available on ERM Media Masterworks of the New Era CD series, Vol. 11.

Transient Moods  (1992)
Duration: circa 3-4 minutes
Guitar solo. This piece was written as part of a collaborative exercise between the composition and guitar faculties of the RCM in 1992 where Andrew collaborated with guitarist Tom Meryon.

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