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Nymphéas was inspired by Monet's series paintings of water lilies. Harmonic saturation, through the movement in the piano and vibraphone is intended to suggest an aquatic environment. The structure takes on an arch-shape in which a melodic element is presented.

There are versions of Nymphéas for Piano Duo; and more recently, for clarinet choir of 9 players. This version is published by ALEA Publishing and Recording (USA).

Marine - à travers les arbres ('Marine - through the trees') is a collection of orchestral 'tone-pictures' inspired by the spectacular scenery of Moulin Huet Bay in Guernsey and two of Auguste Renoir's impressionist paintings of 1883; 'Baie du Moulin Huet à travers les arbres' and 'Marine à Guernsey'. This piece strives to take a 'quick-sketch' snapshot of Moulin Huet Bay viewed through the lens of Renoir's sketchy seascapes in which wild brush-strokes give a turbulent look to the green-blue waves. The centre of the piece is more abstract, with animated material that homes in on the aspect of the view through the trees. At the very end of the piece, the main body of sound fades revealing the harp; hued with vibraphone, the music returns to the nautical world in which it belongs.

Programme note: © 2002 Andrew March