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De Profundis (Published 2013 by Paraclete Press)  (Audio excerpt)

In the performance note, the composer cites this setting's polyphonic movement and optimistic take on the text. The rich, brooding setting of the entire psalm in Latin is far from dramatic or chest-beating, yet it hardly seems sunny. Further, the music is quite homophonic throughout despite a propensity to begin phrases in staggered (but rarely imitative) entrances. The piece is full of starts and stops, suggesting the despair of the psalmist. The music is beautiful and challenging, both for its six independent parts and the extended tonal language.
The Journal of the Association of Anglican Musicians
January 2014

  • Sanguis Venenatus ('Tainted Blood')  /  Elegy for Strings

The second part began with March's Elegy 'Sanguis Venenatus' (Tainted 
Blood), his first-hand musical metaphor for thousands of haemophiliacs 
given contaminated blood.  This one-movement composition reflects well a 
myriad of emotions through gradual and ever-changing harmonies within a 
dynamic arch. The mix of simple and complex textures created a sense of relentless endeavour and inevitable submission, reflective of the composer's inspiring image of a small bird seized by a buzzard. This was descriptively and ably performed by the orchestral strings alone.

                                  Stuart Isaac,
Todmorden News, 25th March 2010

  • Regina Caeli CD    (LAMM188D   Lammas Records  2005)

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  • A Stirring in the Heavenlies (2000) LSO (cut version, a torso as opposed to a body...)

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          Masterworks of the New Era Vol. 7  (ERM Media / Winstin / Kiev
          Phil) has received a short review from KZSU 90.1FM (Stanford, CA.)  
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  • Nymphéas for 2 Pianos (2001) Peter & Patrik Jablonski

A review by Bengt Hultman translated from "Vösterbottens-Kuriren": 

....The première of Andrew March's Nymphéas, a piece especially written for the duo, felt strongly influenced by  French impressionism.  Dark sounds incorporated in a thorough pattern created an expressive musical piece which has been greeted with an enthusiasm by the entire audience....          

                 Translation by Victoria Borisova Ollas